Care Instructions


Women and Kids:

  • Hand wash in cold water. Avoid warm or hot water.
  • Only use mild detergent.
  • Drip dry.
  • Iron in low-medium heat.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.


Gold Collection:

  • How quickly jewellery tarnishes depends on a number of factors - the way you care for them, your “skin composition”, even the air around you. Do not wear it in chlorine or saltwater or participate in activities that will cause you to sweat like really a lot.
  • Keep it dry. Put on your jewellery until after you have applied perfume, lotion, or makeup. You see, the jewellery comes in contact with acids, moisture, oils, and air. It reacts with the metal in the jewellery, causing it to eventually wear down and tarnish. Even the oils on your skin can wear down the plating and metals over time - and this will again vary from person to person. Take out the jewellery if you are into contact with something hard say before lifting weights.
  • Properly store your jewellery where it will not rub against other hard substances (one per piece of jewellery per soft bag is ideal which we provide). Exposure like the moisture in the air can wear down your jewels, so it's very important to store them properly. You may also take it up a level by storing your jewels in a Ziploc bag - but make sure you get rid of as much air as possible before sealing it. With the air removed, the metal won't be able to oxidize from the air. Properly clean and wipe your gold plated jewellery after every use, with a soft cloth to remove any debris or dirt. Soak it for a few minutes in soapy warm, and dry it with a soft toothbrush or cloth as needed. You may also give your jewellery a protective shield with a jewellery protectant spray and some anti-tarnish strips to fight the elements that contribute to tarnishing.
  • GIVE IT A BREAK. Treat your jewellery with love and care, and they'll keep sparkling for you for a time.